Retail Security & Surveillance Systems

Big retail stores depend on their security and surveillance system to deter crime, minimize loss, and aid law enforcement. AllTech is an expert in the installation and use of the latest wireless security camera systems, CCTV systems, and more. Our team is experienced, helpful, and eager to help you or your customer develop a custom security solution.

Many “big-box” retail locations experience significant losses throughout the year as a result of poor security and surveillance. AllTech has built a reputation as a leader in the effort to reverse that trend. Over the past 20 years, we have installed effective, efficient security systems at retail locations throughout North and South Carolina.

Among our many solutions are:

CCTV system installation
Burglar alarm installation
Access control technology
Perimeter fencing
Audio visual systems
And more!

Call AllTech in North or South Carolina today by calling (919)-845-8457, our experts are always ready to help you.

The Reliable Security System Subcontractor

Many property owners want to update their CCTV system but simply don’t know their options. Our team of professionals is always happy to walk you through what security systems may be right for your retail location. In addition to a wireless security camera system, many customers ask about intercoms and complementary audio/visual applications. Among the many benefits to working with AllTech is our ability to:

Develop a custom security system for you. From remote-monitoring to access control features that allow you to grant access to employees after hours, the possibilities are endless.

Scale security systems up and down. Business can fluctuate throughout the year and stores can sometimes expand. Our solutions are adaptable to your business—if you need more security cameras down the road, we can install them easily into the system we’ve already built.

Improve the customer experience. In addition to security, AllTech can install digital signage that improves customer experience and drives foot traffic to where you want it.

At AllTech, our goal is to develop a security/technology package that keeps your retail location safe and efficient. Give us a call at (919) 845-8457 or complete a brief contact form to get started today!

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