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Healthcare facilities, including hospitals and urgent care offices, require security systems and structured cabling they can rely on. Not only does the wellbeing of staff and patients depend on high-functioning monitors and security, but the legal responsibility of the facility does, too. AllTech is an experienced, trusted subcontractor that installs high-quality, efficient security systems and structured cabling in all types of healthcare facilities.

After nearly 20 years of security system installation in hospitals throughout North and South Carolina, AllTech has built a reputation as a leader in the healthcare sector.

How our installation experts will help your healthcare facility:

  • Efficient protocol. Hospitals and urgent care offices operate by strict schedules. Our security systems and structured cabling make it easier for staff to find the information they need and move on.
  • Reliable information. AllTech’s fiber optic systems, audio visual systems, and cabling solutions provide quick, accurate transferral of important information. Nothing is lost in the communication process.
  • Effective security. In addition to state-of-the-art CCTV monitoring systems, AllTech’s perimeter fencing solutions and burglar/fire alarms lock security up within any given healthcare facility.

Installation Services, Proven to be Effective

AllTech was formed as a security and cabling installation company to fill a need for effective, dependable installation services. Our team of professionals builds upon that reputation by delivering efficient security solutions to healthcare facilities throughout the Carolinas every day.

What makes AllTech unique is the unmatched dedication to customer service with which we work. As a subcontractor, we understand the value in delivering pristine work to our clients and their customers. When your customer, whether it be a hospital or other healthcare facility, has a new CCTV system installed by AllTech, you can bet they will be happy with the results.

We offer many additional security and cabling solutions for hospitals, urgent care offices, and other healthcare companies in North and South Carolina.

To learn more, explore our services, or contact us today by calling (919)-845-8457. You can also complete a short contact form to get in touch via email.

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