Restaurant, Food & Beverage Store Security Systems

AllTech installs security systems and cabling/wiring solutions for restaurants and other food and beverage businesses. With nearly 20 years of experience installing the latest security and monitoring equipment throughout the Carolinas, we can confidently say:

Our security and alarm systems feature the best technology.
Audio-visual components of our installations makes them easy to use.
We are a premium service, priced competitively.

As a premier subcontractor in the security system installation space, we have helped improve daily operations in businesses of all sizes, including:

  • Fast food
  • Grocery stores
  • Casual dining
  • Convenience stores
  • And more

Our goal is to always install the best products in the least amount of time, so as to give you and your customer immediate peace-of-mind.

Call AllTech at (919)-845-8457 to learn more about our restaurant security system installation services!

Multifunctional Security & Communication Tools

By subcontracting through AllTech, your customer benefits from reliable, efficient, multi-purpose technology. When installing outdoor security cameras, we have the ability to connect them to dynamic audio-visual components that can be accessed from anywhere.

Business owners prefer AllTech-installed burglar alarms and fire alarms because our solutions are dynamic and work seamlessly within the building. Not only used in response to crime or accidents, our outdoor security cameras are excellent tools in prevention.

Beyond the tools we use and technology we install, our customers come back to us because of our:

  • Experience. When you trust AllTech to install a security system at your restaurant or grocery store, you can be sure it is done the right way.
  • Flexibility. Many restaurants/food & beverage stores have unique needs. Whether you would like a new intercom system or an updated structured cable system, AllTech can get it done. We take an all-encompassing approach to problem solving.
  • Courtesy. Our team is professional, polite, and quick to answer any questions/concerns you may have about your new security system installation.

Call AllTech today at (919)-845-8457 or complete a contact form to learn more and get started!

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