Fiber Optic Backbone Cabling Solutions

Fiber backbone cabling connects telecommunication devices throughout a larger security and communication system. AllTech is a subcontract installer of fiber optic backbone solutions, including those intended for CCTV, audio/visual, and other surveillance tools. With nearly 20 years of experience, AllTech is the premier fiber solutions installer in North and South Carolina.

When it comes to large commercial facilities with complex telecommunications and security systems, backbone cabling is the key to smooth operations. For businesses experiencing expansion or tech updates, fiber solutions are a preferred addition.

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Benefits of Fiber Cable Integration

Fiber optic backbone wiring provides substantial benefits to customers in a variety of markets. From small retail businesses to government buildings and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, fiber is a valuable asset.

By subcontracting fiber optic backbone installation through AllTech, you provide your customer with:

  • Efficient communication — A reliable, speedy mode of transportation for vital information, fiber optic cabling eliminates wait times and lags in internal messaging.
  • Cross-functional integration — AllTech’s fiber solutions can connect the latest, most powerful security and telecommunications tools to one platform, making your customer’s job easier.
  • High-data capacity — Fiber optic backbone cabling can carry more data than copper and transfer information at a faster rate. Your customer will save time in data collection and transfer.

By opting to subcontract fiber optic backbone installation through AllTech, you instantly retain the experience of a proven leader in telecommunications. We have worked with countless security system dealers, telecommunications companies, and end-users to deliver reliable, effective, fiber solutions. AllTech is a client-first subcontract installer; we will not bid against any customer bids and will only perform end-user installations in non-compete situations.

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