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Our data and A/V security services allow industrial companies and large-scale manufacturers to protect their valuable assets.


We provide premium security installations for industry-leading healthcare and medical device companies.


Businesses as small as a fuel station to a large retail store can rely on AllTech’s service and installation for their security and data needs.

Key Services

We strive to maintain a high level of diligence and reliability for every customer.

Access Controls

Practical, secure solutions for the day-to-day
operations of your business. AllTech installs
systems that help you control who and when
access is granted to a property’s areas
of interest.

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CCTV Installation

All businesses benefit from an effective
CCTV system. AllTech delivers consistent,
dynamic CCTV solutions to businesses of
all sizes.

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Burglar Alarms

We help maintain the peace-of-mind of our
customers by installing state-of-the-art
burglar alarms. Our commercial intrusion
detection systems will secure your property

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Fire Alarms

When disaster strikes, you can count on
products installed be AllTech to react quickly,
saving you from as much damage as possible.
Saving you from the end result of an industrial
or commercial fire is our top priority.

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Fiber Solutions

AllTech’s commitment to innovation
includes new capabilities in fiber network
communication. We can serve today’s
security backbone with fiber installation,
upgrades, and repair services.

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Maintain clear communication throughout
your property with an updated commercial
intercom system. Intercoms, paging systems
and mass notification systems are an
essential tool in quick, deliberate messaging.

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The Commercial Security
Installation Partner You
Can Count On

AllTech provides highly-trained commercial security professionals with the
tools they need to deliver dependable services and installation. As a professional subcontract security installer in North and South Carolina, we strive to honor our relationships over all else.

Our dealers have consistently earned a reputation that puts them and us among industry leaders in industrial and commercial security and wiring solutions. For that reason and more, it is important to us to continue building strong customer relationships. As such, we will not bid against customers or stand in between a dealer and end user.

Every time you contact AllTech, you can expect to receive a fully licensed security installation company with the capability to secure businesses and integrate new technology into operations. We invite you to learn more about our services, and are always available to discuss what security installation solutions may be available for your application.


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